A New Voice, A New Look, with A New View impacts the world by implementing a non-conventional creative agency, television show, and storytelling

Teresa Morcho is a Cameroonian-born activist, creator, and Army veteran that intuitively and strategically creates

businesses that solve problems. Morcho is the founder of Stud Model Project, LLC and the owner of MOPAO.CO. Teresa is a technology enthusiast with over ten years in the technology sales industry, and while working in the corporate arena, she transferred those skills over to her company, MOPAO.CO, a company that is dedicated to helping small companies automate their eCommerce, and service-driven businesses for efficiency and productivity.


Her passion for activism drove her to make changes within her community by tapping into her creative side. Teresa found that, in the stock photography industry, there has been a clear lack of representation for Masculine Lesbians of color. She took this notice and decided to use her skills as a serial entrepreneur and expand her business ventures to serve the LGBTOIA community with her creative agency, Stud Model Project, LLC.


Teresa has experienced her own setbacks in her personal life, including infertility, sexual assault, addiction, homelessness, and domestic violence. These tragic and traumatic life experiences landed her at the forefront to advocate for easy access to mental health resources and women/trans reproductive care. These life lessons and experiences have pushed Teresa to share her story, ALL OF IT! She is very candid and transparent about her life. She is open to discussing these things with the people in her community because she knows the importance of her testimony.

Teresa grew up in Cameroon, West Africa, where homosexuality is punishable by death, and she managed to maintain her individuality despite being raised in a culture and religion that was not accepting of her lifestyle. Teresa currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her emotional support dog, a Goldendoodle named "Kingston Barack." She is the youngest of five children and considers herself the "black sheep" of the family, and she wears that badge with pride.


Teresa is a "BADASS" and "Game-changer" She sees the world as her playground and appreciates living in the moment. Teresa plans to grow her empire and venture into storytelling and TV production. She believes in the power of representation, and she plans to continue her activism through that very lens.