Teresa Morcho, Activist, Social Media Influencer & Producer Tapped for PR at The EpiMediaGroup, LLC

Article Published By The Tennessee Tribune

Atlanta, Ga – Teresa Morcho an activist, speaker, entrepreneur, influencer and producer selected The epiMediaGroup, LLC as her public relations agency of record. Teresa selected the epiMediaGroup, LLC to expand her image, her brand, and to introduce her voice to new platforms. A dedicated and outspoken activist for equal rights amongst African Americans, women, and the LGBTQ community. Teresa’s body of work is bold, un-relentless and unforgivable. Teresa has launched multiple campaigns and projects that have brought attention to the injustices that continue to plague many minority communities.

Teresa’s agency has captured the attention of major corporations as they look to expand their diversity, visibility, and reach. Teresa is a technology guru at heart but has leant her creative tendencies and her ability to capture the attention of mass media to speak for her community. She has generated brand ambassadorships, big screen opportunities, and professional modeling gigs for many of her participants within the agency. The Stud Model Agency has an international presence which reaches outside of the United States to Jamaica as well as Nigeria. Teresa has been featured on CBS 46, multiple podcasts and The Women Who Code show. Her influence has undeniably taken the world by storm.

Teresa’s future goals are to continue to be a voice for the disenfranchised community and to use her influence to bring awareness to issues that continue to plague the minority community. Teresa is currently working on placement of The Stud Model Project series on a major network, while also writing her memoirs that outline her troubling upbringing which created and expanded chapters of the The Stud Modeling Agency internationally.

Teresa is a magnetic speaker that hits topics that are normally taboo or not discussed. Teresa is determined to continue to push society to review their outlook on many difficult topics with the hopes of broadening one’s views and creating more tolerance amongst one another.