Bossed Up & Flewed Out: 8 Black Female CEOs Who Make Travel Look Easy

Written by Jasmine Osby of

Photo courtesy of Teresa Morcho.

Originally from Cameroon, West Africa, traveler and influencer Teresa Morcho has had a love for traveling the world since she was a child.

Her mother worked for Cameroonian Airlines and her dad worked for the American Embassy, so by the time she was 10-years-old she had filled nearly three passports.

As an adult, she wants to honor her parents by continuing the custom of exploring the world and enjoys traveling with her partner.

Morcho enjoys traveling on what she describes as a “luxury budget” where she can merge experiencing the local life while still being spoiled on vacation. Some of her favorite adventures include watching acres of sunflower fields greet the sun in the morning in Spain and hiking the lush trails of Oahu, Hawaii.