National Activist Teresa Morcho Is A New Voice Making a Global Impact

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Teresa Morcho Has Launched An Innovative Modeling Agency, Television Program, and a New Book. She is Making A Positive Impact On The Globe.

Teresa Morcho is the founder of The Stud Model Project, which is both an internet sensation (YouTube series) and a modeling business, and she currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Teresa is also a technology enthusiast with over ten years of experience in technology sales. She applied her professional knowledge to her firm, MOPAO.CO, which is committed to helping small businesses automate their eCommerce and service-driven companies for efficiency and productivity

The Stud Model Project is a creative firm that specializes in stock images of manly lesbians of color (studs) and other queer cis-gender women on the masculine spectrum for commercial and economic purposes, primarily with LGBTQ-friendly groups. Teresa founded the Stud Model Project, which began with publishing a coffee table book including over 100 pages of stunning ladies. Teresa was motivated by these collections of books to pursue her interest and create a website dedicated to these fantastic qualities.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Teresa about her company, and upcoming projects.

Photo Courtesy of EPI Media Group/ Teresa Morcho Teresa Morcho

Veronica Charnell: Why did you decide to become a national activist?

Teresa Morcho : Growing up in Catholic Cameroon, West Africa, I felt I had no choice but to be culturally appropriate. I knew I was different from a very young age, even when I didn't have a name for it. I came out when I was 14yrs old, and I had no role models, no support system, or someone to speak on my behalf. I felt alone, unloved, and unwanted. My activism showed up as rebellion at first. Speaking up against racism in our High school, and making the school newspaper for being the first female student to wear a Tuxedo to prom after being told it wasn't allowed. I stood up for myself, and I knew at that moment, I had a voice for myself and those coming after me!

Veronica Charnell: Why did you decide to create your firm

Teresa Morcho: I have always been intrigued by technology. I started coding in the Black Planet and Myspace days, charging people $20-40 to customize their pages. While in the military, I picked up Sharepoint centered around automation, workflows, and collaboration. After 15+ years of working in the tech field, I noticed that small businesses, creatives, and service providers had websites, but those websites were not built to automate those tedious back-office tasks that take up most of their time.

Veronica Charnell: How can a struggling entrepreneur benefit from your services?

Teresa Morcho: Because we recognize that sending invoices, emails, monitoring client databases, booking appointments, managing social media, funneling sales, and other tasks can be burdensome and costly for some business owners. Our motto is "FOCUS ON YOUR CRAFT & LEAVE THE REST TO US." So we built to fit their budget and to create a website that acts like a full-fledged brick-and-mortar shop, complete with branding, marketing, and strategic workflows.

Photo Courtesy of EPI Media Group/ Teresa MorchoTeresa Morcho

Veronica Charnell: What motivated you to start The Stud Model project?

Teresa Morcho: I was watching Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model. AzMarie Livingston, an androgynous LGBT model, appeared on that season. She didn't win that season, and the one thing they kept saying was that she needed to soften her image, that she needed to be more feminine, that she was too "hard." It drove me insane, so I sat back and yelled at my TV, "Put her ass in a suit!" It was the year 2012, and I knew I had to put this modeling style on the cover.

Veronica Charnell: Do you have any upcoming events or casting calls?

Teresa Morcho: We will be open for new models from February 27th, 2022, until March 27th, 2022. Our goal is to sign 300 models this year from all over the U.S. It's too early to speak on Pride events that usually take place in June. Still, we are open and excited to work with event organizers on speaking, guest appearances, and promotion collaborations.