The Premiere of The Fairy Stud Mother Podcast

Written By Teresa Morcho

The Fairy Stud Mother Podcast premiered on Sunday, March 4th 2022.

I always knew I was different. Not a run fast, dance well, or genius kind of different but that kind of different that felt like a war was going on inside me and I couldn't identify the who was winning.

See, I grew up in a very polarized world. Men were masculine and dominant, women were feminine and submissive, and both were very heterosexual.

My friends would daydream about their future husband and kids and to me, the only option that felt normal was declaring I would be the single auntie with no kids and I would spoil all my nieces and nephews rotten.

This declaration came from a place of disconnect. I simply couldn't relate to the traditional, patriarchal home least so I thought.

The thing I didn't know back then was that there was no disconnect, I just didn't know that I had options. It wasn't until I was in my early 30s that I learned that Gender Identity, Sexual Identity, Sexual orientation, and how you choose to present are all interchangeable.

Let me explain, a person can be born with female organs, identify as a man, be submissive, be gay and present feminine. Or, a person can be born male, identify as a man, be submissive, be straight, and present feminine.

I hope I didn't lose you!

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